Fox-Red Labrador Portrait

I was commissioned to portray this stunning Fox-Red Labrador dog to hang alongside his many

Golden Cocker Spaniel portrait

Commissioned Golden Cocker Spaniel portrait in fine art watercolours. The two pencil remarques depict him

Irish Setter Portrait

I have just completed this portrait of a young Irish Setter, living in Durham. My

Working Black Labrador

Black Labrador. This commissioned portrait of a Black Labrador bitch was given as a presentation

Three black Labrador bitches

Black Labradors. Multiple portrait of three working black labrador bitches. I was asked to project

German Wirehaired Pointer Portrait

German Wirehaired Pointer. This portrait of a hyper-active German Wirehaired Pointer bitch 'Mud', was commissioned

Golden Retriever Portrait

[block id="golden-retriever-button"] Golden Retriever. In this portrait of a golden retriever dog, I have portrayed his

Hungarian Vizsla Portrait

Hungarian Vizsla Portrait. Commissioned portrait of a Vizsla bitch to be given as a birthday

Irish Water Spaniel Portrait

Irish Water Spaniel. This portrait of an Irish Water Spaniel bitch was commissioned by the

Labrador x Springer Spaniel Portrait

Labrador x Springer Spaniel. I portrayed this Labrador x Springer spaniel to best illustrate his