Because you want to remember your friends forever.

Commission a Portrait

A portrait of your favourite dog, horse or pet is a wonderful way to remember treasured members of the family, and is an original and personal gift, which will give pleasure for years to come.

Personally meeting each subject, wherever possible, I spend some time discussing the portrait and its framing with you. I take notes on colouring, markings, blemishes, etc. followed by a set of photographs. Having the unique ability of recognising the animals’ characters, I am able to project them into my detailed watercolour portraits.

However, if a personal meeting is not possible, I am able to work from a set of good photographs, thus enabling me to ascertain the detail and character to project into the portrait.

By building up thousands of fine brushstrokes, I capture the tactile depth of the coat and individual features, making each and every portrait an authentic, accurate and totally lifelike evocation of the subject, appearing alive to you.

Every portrait is presented framed and mounted and is ready to hang where it will be a timeless tribute to your pet.


Commission Process

Types of commissions & Prices