Bay Mare Portrait

Bay Mare. All-rounder Bay Mare. This horse portrait of a pretty bay mare ‘Ellea’ was

Golden Cocker Spaniel portrait

Commissioned Golden Cocker Spaniel portrait in fine art watercolours. The two pencil remarques depict him

Coloured Pony Mare Portrait

Coloured pony mare. I have portrayed this very pretty coloured pony mare, trimmed and ready

Grey broken-coated Lurcher Portrait

In this portrait of a grey broken-coated large lurcher, I have portrayed him in typical

Grey Pony Portrait

Grey Pony Portrait. In this portrait of a grey pony gelding I have projected his

Pointer x Hare Hound Portrait

Pointer x Hare Hound. Portrait commission of a tri-colour Pointer x Spanish Hare Hound. This

Smooth-Coated Lurcher Portrait

Smooth-Coated Lurcher. I was asked to project the soft expression in this portrait of a

Tan and White Terrier Portrait

Tan and White Terrier. I was commissioned to portray this little terrier bitch for a

Three Grey Lurchers Portrait

Three Grey Lurchers. I was commissioned to portray this lurcher bitch with her son and

Three Terriers Portrait

Three Terriers. Three generations of bitch terriers. This commissioned multiple portrait of three terriers on