Cockerpoo pet portrait

Cockerpoo portrait in fine art watercolours by dog portrait artist Ann Seward. The two pencil

Italian Greyhound Portrait

Italian Greyhound. I was commissioned to portray this very pretty grey Italian Greyhound to be

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier. In this commissioned dog portrait of a Kerry Blue Terrier, I have

Liver and White Springer Spaniel Portrait

Liver & White Springer Spaniel. The two pencil remarques depict him with his kennel mate

Miniature Schnauzer Portrait

Miniature Schnauzer. I was commissioned to portray this miniature Schnauzer in a typical alert expression.

Patterdale Terrier Portrait

Patterdale Terrier. In this pet portrait of a black wire-coated Patterdale cross terrier, I have

Pointer x Hare Hound Portrait

Pointer x Hare Hound. Portrait commission of a tri-colour Pointer x Spanish Hare Hound. This

Tan and White Terrier Portrait

Tan and White Terrier. I was commissioned to portray this little terrier bitch for a

Three Terriers Portrait

Three Terriers. Three generations of bitch terriers. This commissioned multiple portrait of three terriers on

Tri-colour Terrier Bitch Portrait

Tri-colour Terrier bitch. This commissioned portrait of small black, tan and white terrier bitch illustrates