Fox-Red Labrador Portrait

I was commissioned to portray this stunning Fox-Red Labrador dog to hang alongside his many

English Cocker Spaniel Portrait

English Cocker Spaniel Portrait. Elderly black and white cocker spaniel 'Tilley'. This portrait was commissioned

English Pointer Portrait

English Pointer Portrait. Commissioned portrait of a 15 year old black and white Greek rescue

English Pointer Portrait

English Pointer. Portrait of my own orange and white English Pointer 'China'. I have portrayed

English Pointer Bitch

English Pointer Bitch. Watercolour portrait of a black and white English Pointer Bitch. This portrait

Fawn Lurcher

Fawn Lurcher. Commissioned portrait of a long-haired fawn lurcher bitch 'Lydia'. I was commissioned to

French Bulldog Portrait

French Bulldog. Portrait of a fawn French Bulldog, illustrating his character and breed standards.

German Shepherd Dog Portrait

German Shepherd Dog. This German Shepherd Dog portrait was commissioned by the owner to hang

German Wirehaired Pointer Portrait

German Wirehaired Pointer. This portrait of a hyper-active German Wirehaired Pointer bitch 'Mud', was commissioned

Golden Retriever Portrait

[block id="golden-retriever-button"] Golden Retriever. In this portrait of a golden retriever dog, I have portrayed his